Knowing Your Basics: Branding vs Marketing

Branding Vs Marketing

There’s a reason why branding and marketing go together. At the heart of any marketing plan lies the brand. Interestingly enough, while a good marketing plan is required to establish a brand with the consumers, eventually, the brand begins to speak for itself requiring the marketing strategy to work around it. Brand loyalty drives the sales and marketing settles down at widening the reach of the brand.

Why Green Branding or Sustainable Branding Works

Sustainable Branding and Marketing

Brands that are walking down the path to sustainability are mostly doing so out of a sense of purpose and awareness that one can no longer overlook the repercussions of consumerism on the environment. Therefore the shift to position themselves differently. A higher calling among the younger lot of entrepreneurs is definitely a reason.

National Day or Festival – Get your Brand Voice heard in the right way!


Brands are always vying for attention through advertisements – the race is tough with limited attention span of consumers and expensive media tearing brands apart. The need, therefore, is to be incisive in one’s approach when it comes to key messages of the brand.