Knowing Your Basics: Branding vs Marketing

If you’re a new business owner or a young start-up still finding its ground, chances are that you’ve probably been hurled into pit of jargons that you simply don’t understand. And very often, the first point of confusion is when you’re discussing branding and marketing for your product.

While the two are deeply interconnected, they aren’t the same and using one term for another might lead to a degree of misunderstanding when you speak to a team of PR and advertising experts who function on its literal meaning.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to, well, sort out the basics. If you’re looking for a crash course on Branding Vs. Marketing for dummies, the post might serve as a great starting point!


A brand is everything a company or a product stands for. The values, the attributes. The Image.

It is the core identity of the brand. Its personality.

Everything else that is used to present this voice of the brand falls under the category of marketing. Which is why before you set about promoting your business, there are a few fundamental questions you are required to ask yourself regarding the brand.

What is the purpose of the brand?

What do I want consumers to think of it?

Is it a high-end label or a budget brand? Who do I want to influence the most?

What is the core message of the brand?

What values does it stand for?

Unless these questions are dealt with right at the outset, you will find yourself at a loss for direction. A brand that does not know who it is and what it stands for, will have no way to determine what it wants people to know about it.


If you’re making a presentation about yourself, how would you go about it? Would you stand in the audience and shout out your qualities from the crowd? Would you walk up to the stage and rattle off without acknowledging the listeners? How would you ensure that people listen to you as much if not more than another speaker? This is where marketing comes into play. Without the right tools of communication, one cannot hope to put forth the brand image (who you are), no matter how great it may be.

Finding the right avenue for communication, formulating the correct message, knowing who you are speaking to, when is the best time to present your brand - this is where one needs to rely on a solid marketing plan. In other words, the brand is the idea that waits in the wings waiting for a proper marketer to set the stage and introduce it to the audience.

What Matters More

There’s a reason why branding and marketing go together. At the heart of any marketing plan lies the brand. Interestingly enough, while a good marketing plan is required to establish a brand with the consumers, eventually, the brand begins to speak for itself requiring the marketing strategy to work around it. Brand loyalty drives the sales and marketing settles down at widening the reach of the brand.

When consumers own a brand, they are aligning themselves to the values it stands for and therefore, while marketing tactics can be changed from time-to-time the brand voice must remain constant.

At Benddit, we value the fundamentals. It is because we understand the difference between marketing and branding, that we are able to exactly meet your expectations.


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