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Price it Right- 1 : Factors that Determine the Right Pricing Strategy

Right Pricing Strategy

Getting more customers on board and retaining them is the primary goal behind most business plans of fast growing customers. New customer acquisition and customer retention are primary indicators of how much relevance a product has in the market. But finally, it is the consumer willingness to pay, i.e. your pricing strategy that can have a very big impact on your customer acquisition success.

Does every brand really need a larger purpose?


Brands seem to have taken this whole 'purpose' thing too far. Every brand wants to stand for something noble. I don't mean on the CSR front. I mean specifically on the advertising side of things. What do you think has lead to this wave? Is it a good trend? Or is there some such thing as too much purpose?

Sri Krishna Sweets- Branding or Bending?

Sri Krishan Sweets

Can an eminent brand afford to toy with its identity even if it doesn’t have to worry about losing out on its consumer base? Even if one were to consider that the root of the confusion stems from a family tussle over trademark, the attitude would still be disrespectful.

Cinema Advertising: Perfect platform to be innovative in conversing with your target audience

Cinema Advertising: Perfect platform to be innovative in conversing with your target audiencea

There are 2 things which unites India- Cricket and Cinema. We eat, breathe and drink the same. The unmatched power and reach of Cinema has over the years been harnessed by marketers through in-film and in-cinema advertising, so much so that the pie of in-cinema advertising has already crossed the Rs 500 crore mark as per KPMG estimates. India is a land of films. Every year nearly 800 films get made and released in theatres. There are about 10,000 cinema screens available for advertising in India.