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Spicejet Displays the Ultimate Branding Dream

Spice Jet Red Hot Spicy

If your brand still has to create a need in order to sell, it’s probably not where you envisioned it to be. A solid brand has surpassed this stage. People flock to it because of the trust the brand has garnered

Brand Pitch- II: Why Small Town Businesses Need Branding


If you’re trying to carve a niche for yourself, small towns are definitely less crowded. With minimal competition to distract consumers, there is a huge scope to establish yourself by increasing visibility. Branding lends your business credibility in a market where customer relationships are usually longstanding, often even generational

Business agility on your mind? Call the experts!

Agile Business

Benddit is making it easier for every MSME to find the right expert complete with bespoke solutions and rapid execution. From small pilots worth INR 3-4 lakh up to large project execution totalling several crores, the Benddit team has delivered, consistently.