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Spicejet Displays the Ultimate Branding Dream

Spice Jet Red Hot Spicy

If your brand still has to create a need in order to sell, it’s probably not where you envisioned it to be. A solid brand has surpassed this stage. People flock to it because of the trust the brand has garnered

Brand Pitch- II: Why Small Town Businesses Need Branding


If you’re trying to carve a niche for yourself, small towns are definitely less crowded. With minimal competition to distract consumers, there is a huge scope to establish yourself by increasing visibility. Branding lends your business credibility in a market where customer relationships are usually longstanding, often even generational

Does every brand really need a larger purpose?


Brands seem to have taken this whole 'purpose' thing too far. Every brand wants to stand for something noble. I don't mean on the CSR front. I mean specifically on the advertising side of things. What do you think has lead to this wave? Is it a good trend? Or is there some such thing as too much purpose?